5. Other Graphic Designs


Graphic Examples

The following section contain examples illustrating some of the techniques used in creating static patterns and shapes.

Download the examples by clicking link below. Unzip the archive and drag programs to a filer window. Run any program simply by double-clicking over it. A brief description of each program is shown in the table below.

Click this link to download examples OGD.zip

Program Name Description
1 4-Point Star Star pattern with hole at centre
2 Radial Alternating yellow and orange radials from screen centre
with a central circle
3 Recursive Squares Full screeen pattern
4 Deltoid A program based on parametric equations. Only 2
lines of trigonometry define the shapes co-ordinates
5 6-Point Spirograph Based on the Deltoid another superb pattern relying on
parametric equations
6 Lissajous Curves
7 Wool Ball Only a small amount of code is required to draw this
simple and effective graphic
8 Spiral 1 Simple spiral pattern
9 Recursive Radials Attractive pattern of different sized circles formed by
radial lines
10 Polygon A neat bit of programming that draws a standard polygon
but with all its corners linked with straight lines
11 Multi Circles An unusual pattern formed by 4 main circles with each
containing a further 7 circles decreasing in size and
having a common circumference
12 Polygon (Colour Filled) A 20-sided polygon created with the PLOT command
(85 - Triangle fill)
13 Petals (Colour Filled) Petal shapes formed from 6 circles
14 Polygon (concentric) Concentric polygon pattern starting from a pentagon
to a 34 sided polygon

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