6. Animated Patterns


Animated Examples

Many shapes can be animated to create pleasing and unusual patterns. Simply adding colour/colour cycling routine will make the animated pattern more striking.

Fig 1 Colour animated multi-circles

Fig 2 Spin

Fig 3 Six lobes*

Fig 4 Butterfly Curve*

Fig 5 Offset rotating star+circles*

Fig 6 Offset rotating rose pattern+circle*

Fig 7 Hypertrochoid Pattern*

* Not in download examples (ap.zip)

Figures 3 and 4 use a pair of parametric equations to define the X and Y co-ordinates for all points along the curves. Numerous graphic shapes can be drawn using these equations. The simplest is the circle where X=COS(T) : Y=SIN(T). T is the angle (from 0 to 2PI).

Click this link to download examples ap.zip

Program Name Description
20 Lines pattern Random lines display
21 Simple interference pattern
22 Concentric1 Concentric circles
23 Triangles Random coloured triangles
24 Kaleidoscope Based on a triangle fill (PLOT 85) program displays a
kaleidoscope of colours. Contains routine for creating a
simple multi-timbral sound routine. May have to be run
twice to get sound
25 Explosion Uses RDSP
26 Wheels Random multi-coloured circles created with triangles of
different diameters
27 Spirograph 6-point outline colour-cycled spirograph
28 Squares Randomly size/coloured squares
29 Carpet Rather nice animation giving impression of a carpet with
random colours
30 Half and half Screen is split in half vertically. Each side shows a near
mirror pattern but with random colours.
31 Polo Circular spring like pattern. Random colours applied to
individual outline sections.
32 Kaleidoscope 2 An excellent kaleidoscope pattern
33 Spiral 2 A strange pattern formed using simple MOVE and DRAW
34 Rotating squares Simple pattern of coloured rotating squares which expand
in size
35 Recursive diamonds Simple but effective recursive routine
36 Lissajous figures Lissajous Pattern
37 Star by rotation Different length random coloured radial lines forming a
38 Line pattern Renders random coloured lines over the screen at high
speed. One of the few that contains the dreaded GOTO
statements and requiring line numbers
39 Moire pattern An extremely effective rendering of random angular
blocks of colour
40 Dotted and solid Random coloured radials using dotted and solid lines
41 Pattern maker A very unusual program displaying a diamond of
constantly changing patterns against horizontal bands
42 Plates Polygons Creates random polygons rendered in random colours
decreasing in size. All vertices are linked by straight lines
43 Tuttle Pattern Easily one of the most interesting graphics displaying
diamonds that rotate clockwise/anticlockwise increasing
in speed. Brief notes are added in the program to allow
users to edit parameters and alter the display. See Note 1
44 Multi Circles Colour animated multi-circles
45 Triangle - Polygons Animated polygons using triangle fill, PLOT 85
46 Spin High speed constantly changing graphic using triangle
fill (PLOT 85)
47 Spiral Spiral pattern where user can alter parameters to change
48 Chain Vertical scrolling effect
49 Glint A superbly simple example of how straight lines can
produce a curved effect to create a glint.
50 Moire Pattern Radiating lines that appear to create a moire pattern
51 Increase/Decrease
Unusual pattern of increasing/decreasing rectangles
52 Triangle Pattern Rotating coloured triangles

Note 1:

My thanks to Martin Würthner who suggested a modification to the program to eliminate a sine/cosine accuracy problem.

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