13. Acknowledgements


All the original programmers of the 55 Micro Book CDROM, listed below. Apologies for missing any author out...

Title Author
100 Programs for the BBC Microcomputer John Gordon
35_Educational_Programs Ian Murray
Advanced_Graphics with the BBC Model B I.O Angell and B.J.Jones
Advanced Programming Techniques for the BBC Micro Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Creative Animation and Graphics on the BBC Micro Mike James
Creative_Graphics on the BBC Microcomputer John Cownie
Games BBC Computers Play Tim Hartnell/S.M.Gee/Mike James
Graphics and Sound Steve Money
Graphics programming on your BBC Micro JimMcGregor and Alan Watt
BBC Micro Programs in BASIC Derrick Daines
Super User's BBC Micro Book Brian James and Graham Keeler
The BBC Micro Book (BASIC, Sound, Graphics) Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
Virgin Games Alex Gollner

Chris Dewhurst, Drag and Drop editor.

Martin Würthner (ArtWorks/EasiWriter programmer) who modified the Tuttle Pattern Drawing Program to run error free.

Vince Hudd, owner of the RISCOSITORY website who advised on copyright issues.

Steve Fryatt Provided the program to capture animations, figure 1 to 7

C.S.A. newsgroups respondents eg. David Ruck alias Druck